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Python Project for Juniors

Sigma Software University

Improve your knowledge with SSWU Team!


Use our hands-on course to improve your Python skills! Discover how to use SQLAlchemy and FastAPI to create gorgeous apps.
This isn't just coding - it's about smart project management and making your apps test-ready.

You'll get hands-on with tools essential for developing scalable and maintainable solutions.

Why join? By the end of the course, you'll not only craft an app but also excel in project organization and scalability. Elevate your Python projects! Sign up and turn your coding into your superpower.

Start Date: January 1, 2024. From this date, the course will be available for purchase and enrollment. The exact cost* of the course will depend on the current exchange rate of the hryvnia to the dollar at the time of purchase.

After this course student will be able to

  • Understand how to use the dependency injection template, which allows you to improve modularity and code testing by reducing dependencies between components.
  • Master the principle of code organization - learn how to divide your project into manageable, trackable modules and components to facilitate development and maintenance.
  • Learn how to use tests to cover the main aspects of the code to create reliable and stable software. Get acquainted with unit and integration tests, learn how to use tools such as Pytest and Pytest Behave to write and execute tests.
  • Receive an official Certificate from Sigma Software University, which will confirm participation and successful mastery of the material.

Course Program Overview

  • Introduction
  • Setting up the project environment using Poetry
  • Adding FastAPI and creating a simple health endpoint
  • Adding additional endpoints using the FastAPI's router and defining a Book model
  • Setting up a PostgreSQL database using Docker and docker-compose
  • Creating a SQLAlchemy model for the Book entity
  • Setup migrations for a database using Alembic
  • Use repository pattern for Book model
  • Adding dependency injection to the project and connecting endpoints to the database
  • Creating integrational tests to verify the database setup
  • Creating a Book service with basic business logic and adding unit tests using the Fakes paradigm
  • Summarizing results

Target audience

Junior to mid-level developers with some programming experience who want to learn how to build web applications using Python and tools such as FastAPI, SQLAlchemy, Docker, Poetry, etc.


Basic knowledge and experience with Python programming.

Meet the trainer

Trainer photo

Denys Vasilov

Senior Software Developer

  • With 8+ years of experience in web application development.
  • Highly creative and competent in Python development using Flask, FastApi, Django and Pyramid.
  • Strong knowledge of TDD\BDD methodology.
  • Proven technical leader, mentor, and problem solver. Worked in startups and large enterprise solutions.


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Advantage 1

Developed by Sigma Software, a renowned global multinational company with over 20 years of experience in managing international IT projects, this course is built on a solid foundation of expertise and industry knowledge.


Advantage 2

Sigma Software has a proven track record of delivering cutting-edge IT solutions and providing full-cycle IT consulting services to clients worldwide. From startups to product companies and corporations, Sigma Software has mastered trending technologies and industry trends across continents, from Asia to the West Coast of the United States.


Advantage 3

Unlike fragmented YouTube tutorials or incomplete and outdated courses, this comprehensive course draws on Sigma Software's extensive experience. We understand the frustrations learners face, and that's why this course offers a seamless learning journey with up-to-date content that is relevant in today's fast-paced tech landscape.


Advantage 4

The course's foundation in Sigma Software's 20 years of international experience ensures that you're learning from the best in the industry. Join us today and take your coding abilities to new heights. Benefit from Sigma Software's expertise and industry knowledge to propel your career forward!


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Educational information is provided in text format, in the form of infographics and interactive elements.

Knowledge is assessed through a final test.

Yes, upon completion of the course, each participant will receive an official certificate from Sigma Software University. The certificate can be used on your resume as an additional confirmation of the knowledge gained when looking for a job or developing your career. You can also add a link to it on your personal LinkedIn page.

Access to the course is stored forever and you can return to the materials at any time. Unless the registered participant deletes his/her account on the Sigma Software University learning platform, in which case all data and access to the courses will be lost

This course is designed for self-study, so there are no time limits or deadlines. Learn at your own pace and get ready for positive changes in your career now, because we are sure they will happen very soon. We look forward to seeing you among our students!

Training Duration

Theory - 8H
Practice - 1H

47$ / 1904 грн*
239$ 80% off